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Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place was created by Todd J Greenwald who was a former writer on the Hannah Montana series. The sitcom TV series is a Disney Channel Original Series produced by It's a Laugh Productions and debuted in 2007. The show's premise involves the antics of three children living with their eccentric Italian-American father and Mexican-American mother. Each wizard family must have a duel when the children come of age to battle each other to see who will get to keep their powers into adulthood. Every child ends up learning valuable life lessons as well as magic spells along the way.

Meet the Gang

Alexandra (Alex) Margarita Russo - Played by Selena Gomez. A spunky, mischievous, sometimes overly sarcastic young fashionista and wizard in training who is mostly overshadowed in school by her smarter older brother, Justin. She frequently uses magic without permission and her wand is usually in her shoe.

Justin Russo - Played by David Henrie. An intelligent & responsible child who generally seeks to impress a girl and uses his magic maturely but almost always gets wrapped in one of Alex's schemes. Only popular within intellectual circles, Harper (Alex's best friend) still just adores him.

Max Russo - Played by Jake T Austin. The youngest in the family with a short attention span and is not very bright. He has a crush on Gigi, Alex's sworn nemesis. He is also the voice of Diego on Go, Diego, Go!

Jerry Russo - Played by David DeLuise. The Russo father who runs a family sandwich shop next to the NYC subway along with teaching the kids home magic school. He himself won the magic duel growing up against his brother but later gave up his powers to marry their mother, a mortal. No magic is to be used in public without permission.

Theresa Russo - Played by Maria Canals Barrera. Jerry's wife and mother of the kids. She is a mortal but knows the wizarding world all too well gives out motherly advice while running the sandwich shop.

Harper Finkle - Played by Jennifer Stone. Alex's hyper best friend who has a knack in designing her own clothing themed to various fruit. She now knows the Russo "secret" and is generally involved with Alex in many schemes

Trivia: Sometimes the program is filmed before a live studio audience. The title character, Selena Gomez, performs the show's theme song. John Adair and Steve Hampton wrote the theme lyrics in addition to The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Phil of the Future. Feel free to look around a bit.

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